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Friday, October 25, 2019

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Maureen Nicolace recognizing VBCBA's founding members

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Maureen Nicolace 0:00
Probably going out in the next week or so. But on your table, there's a little slip. And on the one side it has a list of the basically the founding members, businesses who have been members of VBCBA for the past 15 years. So please take a moment to look at those. I did read them all in January. But I also want to point out from that list, this is what the directory looks like when Karen purchased the organization so to speak. There was like 32 businesses and now we have 120 or something like that. So um, this is what it looked like and I looked through it and I would like to recognize the following businesses that is like the prequel you know, they they have been members since the inception of the nonprofit VBCBA, and that is Autobahn Communications, Colkitt Air Conditioning, Don's Import Auto, Meeks Plumbing, Dr. James Presley and Lambert Commercial Real Estate so they were a part of the organization before it was really an organization it was just being purchased in the directory.

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