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Friday, October 25, 2019

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Maureen Nicolace talking about VBCBA Luncheon format changes

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Now flip over to the backside of that. And the board is really, really excited to announce changes for our luncheon format going into 2020 and this is based on Joe Pellegrino, who is also a board member and had a conflict today for a ministry conference he's actually doing for pastors right now, but he is Mr. Analytics. And so he has sliced and diced our luncheon attendance based on what the topic is time a year and all of that and what we really found was that the number one attended luncheons, or where we had a business speaker, and the number two, we're now was the networking ones. So we really this being a business organization, primarily of business members, we we really want to make sure that we are serving your needs that this is a valuable use of your time. There's so many other organizations out there where you can go and we want to make sure that this is you know, top on your list. So what we've decided is that we are actually from the from the actual program standpoint, we are just going to do business and networking. And if you look at this, you will actually see then the months for that so January will start business and there will be six months of a business topic. And then the alternating months will be networking months, there will be five of those months because December will always be the celebration of giving. Now, that doesn't leave out the nonprofits having an opportunity or even our business member spotlights that we instituted this past year. So what we're going to do and if you look at this, on the luncheons where there's a business topic, there will be the three minute business spotlight. So we will still have a three minute business spotlight that with that member will be drawn from the preceding lunch luncheon. That's three minutes. So that's six of those a year. During the networking months we are going to have a three minute nonprofit spotlight. So in reality now, nonprofits there will be five during the year that will have an opportunity to give a three minute information about them versus only three, which is what we have now, because we're right now we're doing it quarterly. So we have a ministry spotlight every quarter, that's three because December is celebration of giving. So we're actually able now to give spread out the recognition to more nonprofits, but in a more you know, staccato type of thing, you can just really hit home, what's going on. So those and then obviously, that nonprofit member will be joined from the preceding month's luncheon. So we are excited about the change. And Joe it has just such a wealth of connections in town with really on target business people who are Christians and walking the walk by really sound business principles as well. So we're really excited about the the folks that he is he's lining up for us. So that's a big change for us. And we hope that you're as excited as the board is about it. So that is that.

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